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The following shows are currently on exhibit at Two Rivers Gallery in our main Canfor galleries. Visit Two Rivers Gallery to view these great exhibitions before they close! Check out the exhibits in our Rustad Galleria as well.

July 21 - October 8, 2017

Tammy Salzl. The Chorus, 2011. Oil on canvas.

Into the Woods

Tammy Salzl

Based in Montreal, Salzl is a painter working in oil and canvas, and in smaller scale, on paper. Salzl draws from her own experience as a mother of a transgendered child and in doing so, connects to fundamental ideas of self and identity. Her work focuses around representations of curious characters often placed in improbable locations, for example, a chaise longue in the middle of a forest. They are often rendered in lurid colour schemes, at times seeming hurt or vulnerable, at other times oddly sage, comfortable, and at peace in a world where seven-legged lambs, and other creatures, populate her paintings. Rich in allegory, Salzl's work examines gender and identity by honouring the individual and the sense of self.

July 21 - October 8, 2017

Edith McLorn. Hello, My Name is Edith, 1990. Oil on canvas.

Reflections on Identity Through The Two Rivers Gallery Permanent Collection

Artwork from the Permanent Collection

Identity is a theme that runs through many exhibitions in 2017. Reflections On Identity draws from the Two Rivers Gallery Permanent Collection to explore how language, culture, place, history and the body can influence one’s sense of self. Drawing from a small collection of 400 artworks means that there are limitations concerning the depth at which this complex topic can be explored. Reflections On Identity thus aims to tease out a few notions relating to this complex topic and invites the viewer to consider which factors serve as markers of identity within themselves.  

September 14 - October 22, 2017

MakerLab Youth Immersion

This exhibition celebrates the youth who participated in the 2017 Maker Lab Youth Immersion program: Destiny Holdis, Emily Siakaluk, Joe Helle, Kelsie Anker, Keith Martin, Ilia Mattson, Sylvia Williams, Tyrel Ivens, and Zoe Prieston. Over the course of  10 months these youth worked with skilled artists and makers from Prince George: Cat Sivertsen, Cindy Framst, Darren Ditto, Jennifer Pighin, Kathleen Angelski, Ken Turner, Leonard Paquette, Louise Framst, Peter George and Ron Clemmons. The work featured in this exhibition includes deer hide drums, acrylic and mixed media paintings, cedar carvings, laser cut sculpture, handmade jewelry, a laser engraved dress, wood turned bowls, and 3D printed sculpture. 

July 27 - Spring 2018

Standing Split: My place, out of my place

David Jacob Harder

A circle of logs standing on their ends, pointed towards the sky, recalls the forests that surround the city of Prince George. David Jacob Harder constructed this sculptural-installation using a single fir tree that has been sectioned and sawed in half. The interior of the logs face outward, exposed, while the rounded-bark-covered side faces inward, hidden from initial view. At the center of artwork is a wooden bench that can be accessed through an opening in the circle. From the vantage point of the bench, the work appears to shield one from the surrounding urban environment. As much as Standing Split may function as a space for solitude, it also represents an investigation into the relationship between the forest and the city.


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Once you have visited the exhibitions and learned more about the artists, we encourage you to roll up your sleeves!

Head to our ‘make art make sense’ area and follow the artist’s lead. Use the materials provided in the studio to create your own works of art inspired by the exhibiting artist, drawing on the themes introduced in the exhibitions or playing with similar materials.


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