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The following shows are currently on exhibit at Two Rivers Gallery in our main Canfor galleries. Visit Two Rivers Gallery to view these great exhibitions before they close! Check out the exhibits in our Rustad Galleria as well.

July 22 - October 9, 2016

Eileen Murray, Reflections, 2012. Oil on canvas.


Eileen Murray

Eileen Murray’s large scale paintings address issues around ostentation and consumerism. Murray’s relatively loose approach to painting results in images that present her subject matter as organic without rigid borders. Consequently the  lavishly decorated interiors she paints, rich with chandeliers, rugs and other details, appear almost infected, creeping into each other to convey the impression of something virulent and out of control. Murray’s paintings baroque and bodily confront the spectacle of consumer culture and material excess.

July 22 - October 9, 2016

Ian Johnson, The Chamber, 2012—13. Ripstop nylon, electronic components, salvaged materials, halogen lights, sound.

The Chamber

Ian Johnston

Ian Johnston, an artist from Nelson, BC, is interested in the disconnect between the choices we make when we consume and the unknown consequences of those actions. He draws attention to this by focusing on the short-lived ubiquitous and common objects found in the waste stream. The Chamber is a sculptural installation that provides a focal point for thinking on this matter. Using an enormous shroud containing all manner of consumer detritus The Chamber evokes the idea of a shopping bag turned organism. It expands and contracts, alternately concealing and revealing its contents, threatening in turn to consume the space that contains it.

July 28 - September 11, 2016

Top: Maja Swannie Jacob, Portals III, 2015. Digital photographic print on watercolour paper. Bottom: Frances Gobbi, Gus’ Grind, 2014. Digital photographic print on paper.


Maja Swannie Jacob and Frances Gobbi

Wonderland is an exhibition of recent photographs by Frances Gobbi and Maja Swannie Jacob. Each artist created her work independent of the other, but both share a common desire to convey the sense of awe one can experience when immersed in the natural world. Swannie Jacob’s photographs accomplish this by picturing young children as they explore rivers, mountains and frozen lakes. Gobbi documents Playmobil toys immersed in real-world outdoor activities like mountain biking, camping and going to the beach. Swannie Jacob’s curious and awe-inspiring photographs along with Gobbi’s playful and joyous ones, invite us to rediscover a wondrous natural world with fresh eyes and an open mind.

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Once you have visited the exhibitions and learned more about the artists, we encourage you to roll up your sleeves!

Head to our ‘make art make sense’ area and follow the artist’s lead. Use the materials provided in the studio to create your own works of art inspired by the exhibiting artist, drawing on the themes introduced in the exhibitions or playing with similar materials.


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