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live art auction: Saturday May 13, 2017

The Live Art Auction is the highlight event of the spring season led by one of Canada's well traveled and sought out auctioneers, Prince George's very own Melissa Barcellos. Gallery friends and acquaintances have the chance to acquire art by some of Canada's most exciting established and up-and-coming artists.

Proceeds from this event help support many of the important services the Gallery delivers to our community: programs like Art Heals, the Hospital outreach program, public exhibitions and our popular programs for school children provided throughout School District 57.

Join us for our annual Live Art Auction, Spring 2017! Save the date in your calendar: Saturday, May 13, 2017.

Last year’s auction features an intriguing array of live and silent auction items: landscape paintings, First Nations’ artwork and large abstracts, to small works of the craft. Join us for hors d’oevres and a glass of wine. Witness cut-throat bidding wars as local collectors duel for a piece of fine art before the bang of the auctioneer’s gavel announces the winner!

Let’s raise a glass to the Gallery and to Spring!

Tickets will be available at the Gallery or online.

If you can't attend in person, fill out our Absentee Bid Form online or by phone 250-614-7800.

Take a look at the works on the auction block in 2016:

Lot: 1

Nora Curiston
Media:         Acrylic on Canvas
Size:            11" x 14"
Date:           2010
Value:          $200 - $300

“For me, art operates somewhere in the realm of magic. It proposes things that might not otherwise be possible or even considered.

My work is usually sculptural and conceptual in nature. I consider each artwork to be a visual poem. Minimal information is presented allowing for very individual personal responses. This painting simply involves the fun and compositional challenges of moving paint around on canvas.”

Curiston has participated in group and solo exhibitions throughout the interior of British Columbia and has work in private and public collections in Canada and the United States. Her happiest moments are spent creating installations out in the environment.

Curiston’s work, Fallen Sky, was installed in Two Rivers Gallery Sculpture Court during the summer of 2014.
Curiston.jpg /files/cache/wm_1ca53aa718eb6d8988365970e04c22b5.jpg
Larry_Rosso.jpg /files/cache/wm_9d1497ce5c8bad9f54707b0f36a37ea1.jpg
Tarr.jpg /files/cache/wm_b70ae348248cdda4aa3e6c4f05b01376.jpg
Marcia_Pitch01.mpSoftandFlat2_copy.jpg /files/cache/wm_e2526f2ad702e4520e0d538014d6db1c.jpg
Kujundzic.jpg /files/cache/wm_b67f03091c97f4089234c7feabf77f74.jpg
Warburger.jpg /files/cache/wm_131a8db1599286a05ca00ac3c433da1f.jpg
Desjardines.jpg /files/cache/wm_a1c494139d412144390760ad1b41bc8a.jpg
Richardo_Rosales.jpg /files/cache/wm_d6d19338ea4dc4446e253977443da256.jpg
Farmer.jpg /files/cache/wm_8dc38bbec23acec6488c3b3828186680.jpg
Shives.jpg /files/cache/wm_78453cd6892d3f458281c281a8a787e7.jpg
DesBrisay.jpg /files/cache/wm_61651fe60dcf6d84f57cef6686b5b081.jpg
Trace_Nelson3.jpg /files/cache/wm_be7241278ee0300d1ed0d773f16de4de.jpg
Lesniewicz.jpg /files/cache/wm_e82b77e055b9b46da7c235ada784f1f7.jpg
Bricker.jpg /files/cache/wm_9e1942f8896832b57eb5d33b8763d0f9.jpg
Rafuse.jpg /files/cache/wm_d043bfef2b5c2239176e88a4eefb3a8e.jpg
Leong.jpg /files/cache/wm_2c1f384d35ba0aa3bc1da7aebf56d92a.jpg
Ribichaud.jpg /files/cache/wm_fcb9ecf9081a9fd8861c0dd82298e8a0.jpg
Raphanel.jpg /files/cache/wm_5fc988335daee49ca9605b50b9029ec4.jpg
Epp.jpg /files/cache/wm_5b37ee4a03d3fa8365fb51653abd4b94.jpg
Mottishaw_flowers.jpg /files/cache/wm_4303a26d45375d6255df2519c140bcb0.jpg
Molloy.jpg /files/cache/wm_d0a4b6277ae54bd6940a83f8be6cfc9d.jpg
Presence_and_Absence.jpg /files/cache/wm_cccd69ada24366238a0eaa8cc1bb7d7c.jpg
Chubb.jpg /files/cache/wm_d0264a505fc7a3fa7e3b905baaaed0fb.jpg
Georgeson.jpg /files/cache/wm_1f5afc8a91d4a919ee00a66a20718e67.jpg
DSC_7563.jpg /files/cache/wm_6137e26b516b16ca99edd0e42e449b34.jpg
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